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FREE PALESTINE - PCRF donation raffle - watermelon tourmaline

FREE PALESTINE - PCRF donation raffle - watermelon tourmaline

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Please consider purchasing a $10 PCRF donation & raffle ticket. You will be entered in the draw to win this sterling silver, watermelon tourmaline and olive branch necklace.


We are all well aware of the ongoing atrocities occurring in Gaza. This piece was created with a Free Palestine on the mind and heart. As we attempt to comprehend and mourn for the loss of life, place and so much more it’s essential for us to show up where and how we can. So too must we continue to shame the governments and systems behind such heinous crimes against humanity.

Each $10 donation functions as a raffle entry for this piece. You can buy as many tickets as you’d like for extra entries or just for the sake of donating more. Perhaps the necklace isn’t your style, I say it’s still worth a donation & if you happen to win you’ll have a sweet something to gift to someone in your life. 

All proceeds to be donated to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. FREE PALESTINE. 

*This is open internationally, shipping will not be at your expense 

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