sustainability practices

It is truly an honour to work with the earth in my craft and it is with deep reverence that I am committed to continually learning how to better honour and protect her through sustainable practices.

For these reasons, I work with consciously sourced and traceable stones, recycled silver and gold, and use eco friendly packaging.

about me

Finding this craft has been a beautiful whirlwind for me. From a young age, I understood the worth and wonder of wearing a piece of the earth. Though I never suspected I’d one day work so intimately and passionately with such materials.
My love for rocks is certainly what led me to this craft, but I was deeply surprised at just how much the metalwork captivated me and my creative life. I have been working as a self taught metalsmith since 2022.

Not long after finding my creative home as a metalsmith, I found myself anchored by the wisdom of traditional astrology. Each quickly solidifying their place as two of my great loves. I am drawn in and stirred by both as instruments of storytelling amongst much else. My hope and intention is to alchemise sentimental pieces for you that facilitate beauty and mystery in your life, while connecting you to Story.

Thank you so much for being here.

The hands and heart behind Muddied Hands,