stone properties and intentions


Stone of Stability

Agate can encourage inner security and self confidence while enhancing our mental clarity, perception and concentration. It is well known for its calming, soothing effects on the mind.

Agate is renowned for facilitating empowerment.



Stone of Balance

Amazonite encourages a calm mind, integrity and courageous communication. It is said to have a soothing effect on the nervous system; alleviating worry, increasing self-esteem and reducing tendencies to self neglect. 



Stone of Serenity

Amethyst is an extremely calming stone that encourages flexibility, and clarity in times of confusion or chaos. Well known for its support in sobriety, helping us overcome addiction and blockages of all kinds. Amethyst promotes general stress relief and good sleep for those with over active minds, and is considered an excellent healing stone because of its abilities to help us self soothe and find strength in chaos.



Stone of Balance and Connection

Ametrine encourages tension relief, mental stability and self confidence.  Known for stimulating creativity and balancing emotions, it offer us support in taking control of our life. Ametrine is said to promote acceptance, strengthen concentration, and instigate change while easing transition.



Stone of Insight and Manifestation

Apatite enhances clarity for concentration, intellect, acceptance and creativity while promoting openness and social ease.  It can increase motivation and build up our energy reserves. Apatite is said to clear away confusion and apathy, stimulating the intellect to expand knowledge and truth that can be used for personal growth or the collective good. 



Stone of Courage

Calming and inspiring, Aquamarine soothes fears, sharpens intuition and promotes self-expression. It can offer support for those overwhelmed by responsibility and can promote articulation and conviction. Aquamarine inspires truth, trust, and can support us in finding closure. 

In ancient lore, Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids and was used by sailors as a talisman of good luck. Aquamarine has long been offered to loved ones who travel by, over, or near water, for protection and aiding in clear communication.



Stone of Courage and Endurance

Carnelian can encourage motivation, leadership and pragmatism while anchoring us in the present. A bold energy that offers a rush of warmth and joy that lingers, providing stimulation and empowerment. Carnelian lends the courage needed to help us overcome difficulties and defend a cause. It promotes a sense of community, and is said to help timid speakers become bold and eloquent.



Stone of Peace 

Celestite encourages peace for the emotional body, tempering distress when things become overwhelming, and slowing the mind. It can inspire stillness and restoration while offering balance and alignment. Celestite is the ideal stone offering for those who are grieving.



Stone of Joy

Vitamin C of the mineral kingdom; Citrine enhances positivity, acceptance and imagination. It can combat anger, fear and destructive tendencies and reduce sensitivity to criticism. It can inspire creativity and self-expression. Citrine is also said to aid in interpersonal relationships by promoting solutions and cohesiveness. 


Clear Quarts

Stone of Clarity and Cleansing

Quartz enhances our energy, perseverance and patience while increasing awareness and clarity in thinking. Known for clearing the mind and healing the body, it offers purification and connection.



Stone of Communication

Chrysocolla encourages expression, empowerment, self-awareness and inner balance allowing truth and wisdom to surface and be heard. It can relieve emotional and mental blockages to help us communicate and move toward balance and healing. Chrysocolla is said to assist us in owning the value of our personal experiences, knowledge and contribution.  



Stone of Acceptance

Chrysoprase encourages optimism, personal insight, and an openness to new situations. A heart healing stone, bringing energy to the body and heightening our compassion for ourselves. Chrysoprase promotes emotional balance by soothing heartache and loneliness, helping us become independent of others and be content with ourselves. 



Stone of Mental Clarity

Fluorite is known for transforming negative energy into positive energy, clearing mental fog and promoting peace of mind. A protective and grounding stone that encourages freethinking, flexibility, and freedom of choice. Fluorite is said to aid the rigid thinker to explore truth and move beyond narrow-mindedness.  



Stone of the Muses

Iolite activates the visionary, creative part of the mind, helping us access thoughts and ideas beyond the ordinary. It inspires creative self-expression through writing, song, movement and other artistic endeavors. It can instill hope, and assist in decisions of how to proceed. Recommended for those suffering from disorientation and distraction as a means to recover balance. Iolite examines the inner path of the deep self. It assists in letting go of the belief that one needs to control inner experiences, and dissolves fear of the unknown or suppressed parts of ourselves. Iolite is a vision stone.



Stone of Grounding

Jasper encourages us to celebrate moments of isolation and to absorb, reflect, and connect. 

It can help us be more present in our physical bodies and conscious of the natural world. Jasper is a stone of grounding and stability, providing comfort and security, strength and healing. Also a stone of courage, Jasper imparts determination and tenacity in our pursuits while helping us recognise and overcome our insecurities, fears and guilt.



Stone of Communication

Kyanite encourages self expression, loyalty to others, and living with integrity and purpose. Kyanite helps cut through our fears and blockages, helping us to speak our truth. It enhances tranquillity and harmony while promoting examination of ourselves and what makes us who we are - opening the door to clarity and healing.



Stone of Magic

Labradorite awakens a sense of adventure in us and encourages contemplation, introspection, and imagination. A stone of transformation: enhancing strength of will, inner worth and peace while dispelling illusion. Labradorite is truly uplifting and protective, helping us banish fears and insecurities while promoting reliance on oneself and/or the universe.

Lapis Lazuli

Stone of Truth

Lapis is known for stimulating a desire for knowledge, truth, and understanding, and aids the process of learning. It promotes awareness and perspective, activating the higher mind and enhancing intellectual ability. Lapis can reveal our limitations and opportunities for growth. It also encourages honesty and compassion when dealing with others. Lapis is a stone of friendship and is said to bring harmony and communication to relationships.



Stone of Peace

Lepidolite is known for its nurturing and calming properties. It is believed to alleviate feelings of stress or nervous conditions with a soft nurturing energy that facilitates self love and compassion. Lepidolite detoxifies emotions and reduces dependency on others for emotional wellbeing. Promotes deep emotional healing, often looked towards to help reduce stress and depression.



Stone of Mystery

A stone of femininity; moonstone enhances intuition, tranquility, creativity, restoration, and motherly protection. Moonstone is thought to help you embark on new beginnings, open the heart and promotes acceptance of love. It is also a stone of love and eroticism, bestowing a depth of mystery and feeling.


Moss Agate

Stone of Abundance

Moss agate enhances mental concentration, persistence and endurance. It's a cleansing crystal, used for clearing personal and environmental energy. Moss agate can offer stability and is particularly helpful for those who experience extreme mood swings. Soothing tempers and promoting patience, tranquility and emotional balance.



Stone of Creativity and Passion

Opal encourages optimism, enthusiasm and consciousness. Opal allows for the release of inhibitions *thats right, feel the rain on your skin*, sparking creativity and inspiring love. It is said to stimulate flashes of intuition and insight, acting as an antidote to restless thoughts. Opal is also a seductive stone, associated with love and passion, desire and eroticism. 



Stone of Transformation

Known for resolving matters of the heart, peridot promotes clarity and contentedness so that we may delight again. Peridot is believed to bring peace to relationships. It is a stone of compassion; lessening anger and resentment that we may hold by reminding us that holding on to people, or the past, is counterproductive to our growth. This friendly bright green stone has the uncanny ability to inspire creativity and transformation.



Stone of Peace and ProtectionPrehnite is a gentle, nurturing stone that can help us release constant identification with past wounds. It is a stone of unconditional love, healing and protection, imparting a sense of harmony with the universe. Prehnite is said to help light a path to understanding, enhancing efforts of finding wisdom when it is sought. 

Rutilated Quartz

Stone of New Beginnings

Often referred to as "The Illuminator” for its connection to self-awareness and spiritual development. Rutilated quarts is widely known to foster clarity and self reliance, fuel creativity, promote greater insight, and guide decisive action. It carries a hopeful energy that brings peace to the heart and mind.



Stone of Cleansing

Selenite offers rejuvenation and divine feminine energy, most known for its purification and clearing qualities. Its an extremely calming and stabilising stone, removing negative or unwanted energies.



Stone of Independence

Serpentine is a soothing, calming and relaxing stone. It is said to generate and enhance spiritual exploration and is largely looked to for balance, resilience and flexibility. Serpentine is a stone of the serpent who, throughout ancient symbolism, has represented rebirth.


Smokey Quarts

Stone of Protection

Smokey Quartz is said to eliminate worry and doubt when faced with chaos or confusion. It can help relieve fear and stress, anger and unspoken resentment, sorrow and fatigue by absorbing tension and negativity. Rather than merely countering negative energy and blockages, smokey quartz gently dissolves these energies as it encounters them.



Stone of Abundance and Leadership

Sunstone is the counterpart to moonstone and is a divine representation of the healing of the masculine within each of us. A stone of leadership and finding your personal power, sunstone promotes a restoration of happiness, pleasure and fulfilment within. Sunstone can increase vitality, balance emotional patterns as well as encourage independence and originality. Its an inspiration stone, helping us feel alive and enthusiastic. 



Stone of Transformation

Tanzanite generates an energy of joy and relief while stimulating intuition and perception.  It can inspire us to feel more compassionate, loving and centered while helping us speak our heart’s truth with resourcefulness and eloquence.


Tiger eye

Stone of Confidence

Tiger eye can boost creativity and give us the confidence to create. It promotes inner strength, courage and self-confidence while offering protection, prosperity and abundance in our lives. 


Black Tourmaline

Stone of purification

Black Tourmaline is well known for repelling negative energy, cleansing negative thoughts, anxieties, anger, or feelings of unworthiness. It can cultivate inner wisdom, courage, stability and patience to help us feel secure and daring. As a grounding stone, tourmaline deepens our connection to the physical, natural world. When you need to feel safe and secure this stone offers grounding and protective energies.


Bi-colour Tourmaline 

Stone of Love and Reconciliation

Bi-colour tourmaline has a variety of properties. For those who bear a broken heart, it can encourage love, gently dispersing emotional pain and dissolving disruptive feelings. Tourmaline is said to act as an aphrodisiac, helping us know when it is safe to love. It offers compassion and wisdom, and promotes reconciliation. Commonly relied upon to reaffirm our Earth roots.



Stone of Healing

Turquoise is well known for it's purification and protective properties. It can provide understanding, encouraging attention to detail while attracting self realisation and prosperity. Turquoise promotes enthusiasm, inspiring new creative projects and bringing to light undiscovered artistic abilities. It's said that giving turquoise as a gift magnifies its healing attributes. 



Stone of Harmony and Vision

Unakite's pink and green colours balance the heart, uplifting our spirit and encouraging us to gently release deep-seated emotion. It promotes patience and persistence, and is said to help us gradually eliminate bad habits and the thoughts and patterns that perpetuate them. Unakite offers balance and encourages grounding and harmonious relationships. 



Stone of Logic

Variscite can enhance higher brain function, helping us learn how to engage our intellect and reason. It is said to calm the brain by relieving stress and anxiety, enhancing joy, acceptance and self-reliance. Variscite promotes fearlessness, endurance, abundance, spontaneity and independence, all while equipping us to access our personal power.


Before engaging with the intentions or properties of stones, it's essential to first recognise and honour that the earth and her varying minerals have held a profoundly sacred place in ancient and indigenous cultures through out the world and history. People have always looked to the earth for guidance and support and she has lovingly offered us such. 

The passing down of our Earths wisdom is a valuable and beautiful thing that we must tread lightly on in modern times, especially those of us that are white. With gratitude, receiving what is offered and respecting what is not from indigenous peoples. We must recognise the cultures that have and continue to relate to the earth in sacred ceremony and spirituality. A great deal of our understanding of the earth and how we relate to her has been passed down and is intrinsically connected to our global ancestors. I invite you to consider these people and their stories as you explore what a stone can offer you in the here and now. 


Please NOTE: under no circumstances are metaphysical properties to be used as a replacement for visiting your health practitioner.