custom adornments

Thank you so much for considering muddied hands to dream and create with. Below I break down the general FAQ and process you can expect if you'd like to move forward with a custom piece. Please read this info before submitting a customs inquiry.


I ask for an initial deposit due to the amount of time and energy that goes into designing and creating a piece. You can expect that I give your piece added intentional time as we work together to create something sentimental & special for you. Deposit is $150 AUD for sterling silver pieces and $300 for gold pieces. Deposit is non refundable once paid.


We will communicate via Instagram or email, whatever you prefer. At the start of the process we'll be in touch quite a bit so you can relay what you're envisioning, I can offer as much or as little intuitive design as you'd like.


What do I mean by intuitive design? I have been honing my design skills that are specific to the mechanics behind jewellery. You may already have an exact idea of what you want or perhaps you just have a few elements you'd like to see in your piece, and I can draw up a few different designs from there. Basically you can give me as much or as little detail as you want but you can trust that I'll be working intuitively to create something special for you.

Once you feel like the design of your piece lights up your heart, I'll get to work and begin bringing it to life.

I can absolutely send photo updates your way! You can let me know if you want a digital final reveal or if you want to wait to see your piece in person.


If you're after a piece with a stone, you can let me know any colour/shape/size you're hoping for. If you want a stone with a specific meaning or property let me know, I'm happy to talk all things rocks!

I'll pull what I think may suit and give you options to choose from. However I'm still growing my stone collection so if I don't have the perfect stone for your design, we may want to source one specifically for your piece. This will add to the production time.

If you already have a stone that you'd like for your piece, I’m more than happy to assess if it’s something I feel comfortable setting.


After we finalise a design, I can provide a proper estimate on price which is dependant on stone, metal, and complexity of design.

Your deposit will go towards the final price and the remainder will be due once the piece is finished & before shipment.

Depending on what else I have brewing at my bench, I estimate a 3-4 week timeline from start to finish. And then all that's left is getting your little treasure to its forever home.

If you're interested in creating a one of a kind dream piece with me, you can fill out the form below. I'll be in touch as soon as possible with more info regarding the process, timeline, estimated price, etc.

Looking forward to forging something truly special together.

Big love,



Questions to get started

What are you hoping to create together?

What kind of piece?

Any specific stone or style?

Made of what metal?

Your budget?

The more detail the better.

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