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ring making ritual

ring making ritual

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Alchemise your love, commitment and intention with the ring making ritual.

Together we’ll craft meaningful rings to symbolize your relationship with your partner, parent/child, or friend. Perfect for engagements and wedding bands or for honouring thresholds of any kind. This workshop combines sentiment, ritual and craft for a truly beautiful experience. 

The ritual can include 

Energywork to ground/cleanse


Eye Gazing

Intention setting/candle lighting

Card pulling

Anything else that feels important to include

*This can certainly be stripped back and altered according to your comfort and what you’d like to receive from the experience*



Once you book with your deposit, I will be in touch to solidify your vision for both rings and the ritual. Before we book a day for our workshop, I’ll want to know what you’re hoping to get from the experience and what you’d like to create together.

Please keep in mind, all bookings will be made for at least 3 weeks out from when the deposit is payed. This is because I need time to prepare and may need to source specific stones for you. 

Workshops are held at Sisu Apothecary in Fairfield, Victoria, a truly stunning space to connect and create in.

Price breakdown

$350 is the cost for each person partaking. This covers charcuterie, beverages, all overhead fees such as renting the space and general supplies used, and my wage for facilitating ritual and craft. 

Base payment does not cover cost of metal and stone, which means the total price is entirely dependant on what materials you want to work with. Once we discuss your vision I will give you an exact quote including cost of materials, to be paid in full before the day of the workshop. 

Here are some example estimates:

1 silver and stone ring, $400

2 silver bands, $700

2 9ct. gold bands, $2400

1 sterling silver stone ring, 1 9ct. stone ring, $1700

2 9ct. gold bands with 2mm diamond, $3000


If you have any questions about this offering, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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